Benjamin Soehnel

German artist, Benjamin Soehnel created “digital surface art” in the late 1990′s, a generative process accomplished with software. For each work, Benjamin develops an initial basic form, which is crucial for the final composition. Layering different structures into the form and its negative produce a complex pattern that is enhanced with depth an texture by cutting out certain areas which become blurred with high-speed. Eventually the result is burnished and polished creating a sophisticated surface by means of exposure to light.


2012 Venue: Paseo Originals Gallery, Oklahoma USA; Title: Photofest 2012

2009-2010 Venue: Kunstlege Hohenegg, Germany; Title: Vielfalt der Digitalen Kunst / Diversity of Digital Art

2009 Venue: Prima Piano Livingallery Contemporary Art; Title: Sensation 2009

2009 Venue: Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, USA; Title: Monthly Group Exhibition

2007 Venue: Royal stables of the county administrator, Freising; Title: Exhibition of the year Art Club “Freisinger Mohr”

2001 Venue: Camerloher Secondary School, Freising; Title: Vernissage

1996 Venue: Aside; Title: Abstract Worlds