Che Qianzi

Che Qianzi (originally named Gu Pan) was born in 1963 in Suzhou, China.  He currently resides in Beijing.  An internationally-acclaimed poet, writer and artist, he has published several poetry and essay collections, and has had a number of solo exhibitions of his artwork in China.  Che specializes in ink and wash painting, an Eastern Asian form of brush painting (known as shui-mo (水墨) in Chinese or by its more common Japanese name sumi-e (墨絵).

Like other sumi-e master artists, Che uses calligraphy-style brushes made with lamb hair on xuan zhi paper — the “king of all rice papers” (though xuan paper does not contain any rice).  Much of Che’s works echo traditional Chinese calligraphy and watercolor, but combine abstract expressionism and modern experimentalism.  Che is known as an avant-garde Language Poet in China, and his artwork is closely connected with his poetry.  He himself describes his art as “Language-ist ink and wash painting.”