Tran Dinh Khuong

• Born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1972.
• Graduated from Hanoi Institute of Industrial Art in 1995, specializing in the use of lacquer art.
• 15 exhibitions, including two solo, since 1995, across Vietnam, China, France, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.
• Works in private collections inside and outside Vietnam, the Maison du droit Vietnam – Francaise, and the Francophonie.
• Medium of choice: Traditional lacquer on wood.
• Tran Dinh Khuong paints with his zealous and relentless nostalgia for the Vietnamese countryside and deep human feelings as well. A range of simple, bright, innocent, joyful and witty feelings are then expressed through the themes of childhood viz buffalo and cow herding, crab and fish catching, playing children’s “game of square” or through themes depicting plain and gentle rural scenery, e.g., going to market, picking lotus flowers, honoring Buddha at the pagoda. He portrays them in monumental, brilliant, eye-catching compositions with the rhythm of contemporary design and the warm, splendid collar scheme of the Vietnamese traditional lacquer medium.
• Khuong is among one of Vietnam’s most distinguished lacquer on wood artists requested to train Chinese lacquer artists.